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American Council for Polish Culture
As Approved at the October 3, 2009,
ACPC Fall 2009 Board Meeting in Rochester, New York

1. In order to assist our Affiliates maintain viability within their communities, expand their outreach with a view to increasing and strengthening their membership, as well as enhance the Polish profile, arts and culture, we propose that the American Council for Polish Culture establish a fund for matching grants to our Affiliates as follows:

2. Grant(s) available to ACPC Affiliates for special Polish cultural projects in their respective communities for which an Affiliate may not have sufficient funds to undertake or complete.

3. The amount of each grant will consist of Matching Funds up to and including $500.

4. The grant(s) may be used for any Polish cultural project excluding scholarships or literary competitions, for which the ACPC currently has other funding available.

5. The grant(s) may be applied for by ACPC member organizations which have been Affiliates in good standing for at least two years.

6. The number of grants awarded in any given year will be based on the funds available for that year.

7. Grants may be applied for by completion of a grant application form which will be provided by the ACPC to member groups seeking funding.

8. The proposed project must be described in detail, together with the benefits to the Affiliate's community, including wherever possible the total cost of the entire project.

9. Recipient or recipients of the grant(s) must give credit to ACPC for funding in all publicity on the project.

10. Each Affiliate awarded a grant must submit a written report within one month after completion of the event/project, describing its outcome and benefit to the community. (This report will be published in the Polish Heritage as well as other Polish-American news media.)

11.To determine recipients of the grant(s), applications will be evaluated by a panel of judges from the ACPC Affiliate Grants Committee. Decision of the judges will be final. All grant applications must be received by the Committee no later than September 30 of the current year. Failure to complete all parts of the Application will result in disqualification.

12. Affiliate recipient(s) of grant(s) may apply for another grant after two years have passed from the date of their first (previous) award.

For further information, please contact Affiliates Grants Chair Marcia Lewandowski, 5128 Casmere Street, Detroit, MI 48212-2872, (313) 891-0696
e-mail: marciasdancinstuff@att.net.

Download the Application Form (.pdf format)