The President's Letter

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Tom Payne

.... Greetings to my dear fellow Polonians!

2018 has been very good so far and our Rochester affiliate showed us some good old-fashioned Polish hospitality this Spring for our Board meeting. I applaud the spirit that the affiliate members display and their generosity in supporting higher educational pursuits of our promising young Polish-Americans. We also were happy to meet the contingent from Elmira who joined us. Now our Washington DC affiliate has the privilege of hosting us for our Fall Board meeting and know that the wheels are turning to make it enjoyable. We have an opening for next Spring for those interested.

I want to recognize the position and self-sacrificing of one of our Executive Board members, Marcia Lewandowski, Recording Secretary. Now at first blush, those in the peanut gallery might discount the value and importance of this position, or should I also add that it is a j-o-b? It requires rapt attention during the entire proceedings of our Board and Conventions, even dare I say, during the long-winded moments. There are copious notes that must be deciphered and distributed to the Board at subsequent meetings for review and approval. But Marcia is our walking encyclopedia of what has been agreed upon in meetings that may have taken place years ago. It is critical that we have that history at our fingertips in order to have an orderly and consistent organization. I cannot count the many times that Marcia has bailed us out of our senior moments to remind us of what was discussed and agreed on at prior meetings. She takes this position very seriously, for which I am grateful.

I also want to thank our Scholarship Chairs for their earnest efforts to direct the difficult review and award process of so many outstanding young applicants. Steve Medved, Alice Laning, and Debbie Majka and their committees are to be commended, and there is no second-guessing their final decisions. The only limiting factor is funding ceilings.

I hope to see many of you at our Convention in Minneapolis in August. We are excited to bond again with our Minnesota brothers and sisters after long hiatus. Since it is happening concurrently with the Twin Polish Festival, it will be a week to remember. You do not have to be a Board member to attend, so consider joining us August 8-12.

Tom Payne
ACPC President

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