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Ray Glembocki

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.... Dear Friends and Members,

This is my first opportunity to write to you as the President of the American Council of Polish Culture. To be elected was an honor and it will be a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you.

In addition to my election, the following persons were elected as officers: Jaroslaw Golembiowski 1st Vice President; Mark Dillon the 2nd Vice President; Tom Payne Treasurer; and Marcia Lewandowski continues as the Recording Secretary. We also had Members of the Board of Directors elected, and have one position open which will be filled at the next meeting.

Rob Synakowski who was the ACPC's 1st Vice President is President of the Syracuse chapter so he wanted to devote his efforts to hosting our Board Meeting. A note of congratulations to Rob and members of the very successful Syracuse chapter. The ACPC meeting took place during their celebration dinner that had 225 members attending. What a turnout!

All of us who were in Warsaw remember a wonderful event which included our meeting and the side visits we took. Debbie Majka and Tom Payne and those who helped are to be congratulated for arranging an event 4,000 miles away and in a different language.

Everyone who was there has their own memories and stories; let me share a story with you. Cecilia and I were going for a walk and as we left the hotel, across the street was a building with a large ornate gate, perfect for a picture. The plaque next to the gate said "Ministry of Culture." We decided since we do educational cultural events for ACPC, we went in to tell them what we do for ACPC. We visited with the Minister Jan Tyszowiecki in the Department of International Relations. He was Main Specialist in the Department of Internal Relations and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. This visit lasted for two hours. We reviewed our Jamestown accomplishments and mentioned other notable Poles educational CD. He asked for all we could provide. He especially enjoyed the Poland book sponsored by PAAA of Washington, DC. We will be sending him books and updates. He stated several times that this work must be displayed in a Polish museum. We thank all affiliates and members for your support of the project.

I have had the opportunity to read in detail the reports presented by the member organizations. I must say there is level of activity in the community that shows a commitment to our ACPC goals. We also have a commitment from our members to contribute to supporting activity which supports promoting Polish current activities and history.

We are fortunate to have a creative and professional communication effort; David Motak leads the publication of the Polish Heritage newsletter, Jackie Kolowski gets information out to the Polish community with her newspaper sources and Peter Obst produces the web site which goes out to the world. It is our job to supply this team information to support their efforts. If you need assistance in developing an article Celia Larkin is an excellent writer and will help. Celia also leads the music committee which produces excellent programs and administers the Sembrich contest. Our scholarship administrators work hard to select excellent students. What a great ACPC team!

I plan to outline some ideas at our next board meeting, hope to see you there.


Raymond Glembocki
ACPC President

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