The President's Letter

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Ray Glembocki

.... April 2021

Spring Greetings to the ACPC

Cecilia and I wish to send you spring greetings at this beautiful time of year. The flowers here in Virginia seem to have more color then usual so I hope it is a sign that life may be getting better.

This has been a difficult year but we can take pride that our members have taken the initiative and developed methods to continue to communicate our message of promoting Polish culture.

Ted Mirecki has established a system which we can use to exchange email with attachments. I have encouraged our members to use the address to exchange information on their club activities and general information which may be of interest to the membership. Matt Dillon set up our virtual meetings which allowed our members from many locations to participate in the meetings. The music committee produced a virtual concert featuring one of The Sembrich winners. Marie Hejnosz and Debbie Majka were co-chairpersons of a video production of the many loves of Chopin which is on Facebook. You should see the program it is one of the best presentations of Chopin's life and music.

In March we had a virtual board meeting with over 30 members attending. We followed our "in person" format with a social event on Friday and a Saturday meeting which allowed all committees to make their reports. A special part of the meeting was that 9 organization presidents or their representatives introduced themselves and described their organizations activities. I think it is vital that we encourage participation in board activities by ACPC organizations because we are here to help them succeed in their local promotion of Polish culture.

We have important objectives to complete this year, which include our annual convention and the election of officers and board members. The election will be part of our convention so it is important that we finalize conventions plans if possible. To communicate our progress on these issues, particularly to newer members of the ACPC, I will call for a board meeting at the end of June so we can get reports on the status of the election, of the board meeting and committee reports. I will also propose a shorter format for the meeting which I will explain in another message.

In conclusion, thank you for your participation and leadership of the ACPC.


Raymond Glembocki

ACPC President

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