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Continental Militia on the march - a battle re-enactment used in the film.

Jolanta Kessler Chojecka Completes Pulaski Documentary Film

After 4 years in the making, the film is complete and the results show.

In October 2007, at the Pulaski Conference in Warka, Poland, Jolanta Chojecka premiered her documentary to the general acclaim of the audience. Taking advantage of the latest discoveries about Pulaski's life and times, hers is the most authoritative and complete Pulaski documentary made to date. Running just under an hour, it manages to present Pulaski's military career in Poland and, in the second half, his vital role in the creation of the United States Cavalry, and his sacrifice for American independence on the battlefield in Savannah, Georgia.

Jolanta was able to place footage from historical re-enactments into the film and incorporate interviews given by various historians, including Edward Pinkowski, Col. Francis Kajencki, Fr. Edward Batko and others. She utilized many actual locations of battles to illustrate the story. Historian Colonel Tadeusz Krzastek of the Polish Air Force assisted in creating a factually correct background narrative (in both Polish and English versions), that was combined with an appropriate musical score to accentuate the action.

Though certain incidents had to be summarized, no effort was spared to make the filmed story of Pulaski's life understandable to both Polish and American viewers. Computer animations show the course of events in the important military struggles in which Pulaski took part. Archive footage at the end references the military connection of Pulaski to the Polish cavalry before World War II. The film is a significant achievement in the art of documentary film making, and a fine way to pay tribute to the memory of General Pulaski. It reflects all the recent discoveries about Pulaski's life including the correct date of his birth which was March 6, 1745.

The American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) was one of several major sponsors who supported the film.

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Jolanta during the filming.

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