Listing of National Level Activities

Activity or Program (Status as of August 1, 2014) For information, please contact:
ACPC Scholarship for Summer Study ( more details )
Grants and scholarships to youths for summer study in Poland.
Alice Lech-Laning
tel: (703) 827-0822

Pulaski Scholarship for Advanced Study ( more details )
Scholarships for students of Polish background for graduate and advanced studies.
Marion Winters, Chairman
51 Camile Road
Webster, MA 01570-3148
tel: (508) 949-0160
Skalny Scholarship for Polish Studies ( more details )
Scholarships to students of all backgrounds specializing in Polish Studies.
Debbie Majka, Chair
812 Lombard St. #12
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Schedules national lecture tours on Polish topics by noted authors and scholars. Promotes the publication and distribution of educational materials by and about Poles, Polish-Americans and their culture.
Mrs. Jo Louise Winters
Publicity Chairperson
51 Camile Road
Webster, MA 01570-3148
tel: (508) 949-0160
Marcella Kochanska Sembrich Concert ( more details )
Sponsors an annual Marcella Kochanska Sembrich concert and presents an award to a promising young American singer in memory of the Polish-born Metropolitan Opera star.

Dr. Wanda O'Brien-Trefil
ACPC Music Chair
9413 Old Reserve Way
Fairfax, VA 22031
Annual Convention
Organizes an annual convention, which includes seminars, lectures, exhibits, concerts and business meetings and culminates with an Awards Banquet & Ball.

See report: 66th Annual Convention July 30 - Aug. 2, 2014 in Buffalo, NY
See report: 65th Annual Convention July 31 - Aug. 4, 2013 in Baltimore, MD
See report: 64th Annual Convention, July 18-22, 2012 in Williamsburg, VA
See report: 63rd Annual Convention, July 13-16, 2011 in Cleveland, OH
See report: 62nd Annual Convention, July 14-18, 2010 in Rapid City, SD
Go to:
67th Annual Convention
location to be determined

General Information
Distinguished Service Award
A Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a prominent American or Polish American who has made an outstanding contribution toward the better understanding and greater appreciation of Polish artistic, cultural, humanitarian, professional, scientific, social or public service achievement.
Cultural Achievement Award
A Cultural Achievement Award is presented annually to a prominent American or Polish American for an outstanding record of achievement in the field of artistic and/or cultural endeavors.
Mary Heslin
tel: (860) 523-4778
Literary Competition ( more details )
Offers prize money to Affiliate and Supporting organizations toward Literary Competitions for high school and university students.
Carolyn L. Meleski
10020 Reese Rd.
Clarkston MI 48348-1856
tel: (248) 625-1047
Grants for Affiliate Projects ( more details )
Offers support for projects initiated by Affiliate organizations.
Marcia Lewandowski
5128 Casmere Street
Detroit, MI 48212-2872
Polish American Achievements
Recognizes notable achievements of Polish Americans by sending them congratulatory letters.
Mrs. Jo Louise Winters
Publicity Chairperson
51 Camile Road
Webster, MA 01570-3148
tel: (508) 949-0160
Polish Poster Exhibit ( more details )
The poster project originated with an idea to have Polish posters exhibited at the 1996 ACPC Convention. Fifteen posters were selected, these proved to be popular at the convention and a number of affiliates inquired about exhibiting them in their areas.
Peter J. Obst
National Conference for the Social Studies (NCSS) ( see report )
An annual event which has the participation of the ACPC. A booth is established every year with information and materials about Poland, Polish history and culture and these are distributed to the social sciences teachers from across the US who take part in this conference.
Cecilia Glembocki
Cooperation with the Pulaski Museum in Warka, Poland ( more details )
The 2007 International Pulaski Conference was attended by several ACPC board members and a relationship started with this premier institution that links Poles and Americans through the person of Casimir Pulaski.
S. Paul Bosse
Savannah Pulaski Committee ( Photographs from Savannah Pulaski Birthday 2014 )
Organized to maintain the memory of Casimir Pulaski in Savannah, GA.

Savannah Pulaski Committee

Edward Krolikowski, Chair
Andrew Boguszewski, Treasurer

S. Paul Bosse
Deborah M. Majka
Peter J. Obst

Youth Leadership Conferences ( more details )
Created and sponsors the Polish American Youth Leadership Conferences in Washington, DC.

Adam Styka Art Competition ( more details )
Funds the First Prize Award at the annual Adam Styka Art competition at the Doylestown Shrine in Pennsylvania.