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I Saw Poland Betrayed

by Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane

YEARS AGO I read I Saw Poland Betrayed by Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane, and then it went out of print. I thought others might be interested to know where to find it.

IT IS EXTREMELY RARE AND HARD TO FIND. It is a historically significant book. The author was the American Ambassador to Poland. Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane was so outraged at the betrayal of Poland that he gave up his position to return to the United States, and tell that American people what he had seen. The distribution of the First Edition was stifled at every turn by sinister forces. Most copies mysteriously disappeared from all sorts of channels of distribution, or were mysteriously destroyed. No one can refute the facts that Ambassador Lane presents. The strategy has been to prevent people from seeing those facts. Truth will prevail if enough pains are taken to bring it to light. The passage of time does not prevent the truth from prevailing as long as there are still those who are willing to take those pains to bring it to light.

J. Perna

I Saw Poland Betrayed.
American Opinion Reprint (Paperback) by Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane

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