A sampler of Comix or "graphic novels"

Bitwa pod Warka w roku 1656 (Battle of Warka in 1656) a graphic presentation of an imprtant Polish victory over the Swedes
Bitwa pod Warka w roku 1656 a graphical presentation of the Battle at Warka in 1656, an important victory over the Swedes under leadership of Stefan Czarniecki

Produced in 2006 by the W.A.R.K.A. Society with the cooperation of the Pulaski Museum in Warka, Poland. Text by: Anna and Leszek Owczarczyk; Graphics by: Krzysztof Wyrzykowski (Polish language)

The Life of Pope John Paul II the biographical story of the first Polish pope
The Life of Pope John Paul II a graphical presentation of the life of the first Polish Pope

Published in 1982 by MARVEL COMICS GROUP; publisher: Stan Lee; writer: Steven Grant, penciler: John Tartaglione; inker: Joe Sinnot; letterer: Jim Novak; colorist: Marie Severin; 64 pages (English)

King Popiel and the Mice old Polish legend retold
King Popiel and the Mice a graphical presentation of an old Polish legend of a pre-Christian king who seems to possess the qualities of Macbeth and Willard in one person. First in a series followed by: Wawel Dragon and Wanda who would not marry a German and The Legend of Piast Wheelwright who became king

Produced in 1976 by Sport i Turystyka Publishers, Warsaw and The Kosciuszko Foundation, New York (Eugene Kusielewicz, president). Text by: Barbara Seidler, drawings by: Grzegorz Rosinski; 32 pages (bilingual)

Marzi a child's view of the PRL and martial law in Poland
Marzi fish and children have no voices - an interesting set of episodes, told from a child's viewpoint, that explain the communist period in Poland and the way it was in the good-old bad-old days

Produced in Poland by Klub Swiata Komiksow (2006). Text by: Marzena Sowa, drawings by; Sylvain Savoia ; 94 pages (Polish only)

Father Jerzy Popieluszko: Price of Freedom the story of Fr. Jerzy Popieluszjo's murder
Ksiadz Jerzy Popieluszko: Cena Wolnosci how the Polish communist authorities tried to frame the popular priest and when frustrated, stooped to murder

Produced in Poland by Zin Zin Press (2005) Text by: Maciej Jasinski, drawings by: Krzysztof Wyrzykowski; 32 pages (Polish only)

Kapitan Kloss story of World War II espionage
Captain Kloss At the beginning of WWII a German-speaking Pole is recruited by the Soviet intelligence service to inflitrate the German command structure under the name of Capt. Kloss (code name agent J-23). These comics are the story of his adventures.

Produced in 1971 by the PRL government propaganda press
Text by: unknown, drawings by: unknown; 32 pages (Polish only )

Hail to the Victors three young men caught up in the Wielkopolska Insurrection of 1918
Chwala Zwyciezcom Story of the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) Insurrection of 1918 through the adventures of 3 young men who work to drive out the German occupier

Produced in 2010 by Albus Publishers, in Poznan, Poland
Text by: Piotr Wierzba, drawings by: Maciej Klim; 32 pages (Polish only)

Solidarity: A Hope for Plain People story of the Solidarity movement
Solidarnosc: Nadzieja Zwyklych Ludzi a graphical presentation of the Solidarity story told as a series of 4 graphic novels

Produced in Poland 2004; Text by: Maciej Jasinski, drawings by: Krzysztof Wyrzykowski (Polish only)

Frances Siedliska story of Mother Frances Siedliska and the founding of the Nazareth Sisters
Frances Siedliska: Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd a graphical presentation of the history of the founding and early work of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth

Produced in France, printed in Italy (1990); Text by: Daniele Strozecki, drawings by: Joseph Garcia (English only), 48 pages color

Piotr Wysocki: A Hero in the Shadow of History story of Piotr Wysocki, hero of the 1830 November Uprising
Piotr Wysocki: Bohater w Cieniu Historii a graphical story presentation of Peter Wysocki, native of Warka, where is located his grave and monument.

Produced in Poland 2011; Text by: Anna i Leszek Owczarczyk, drawings by: Jacek Przybylski (Polish only), 24 pages