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Henry Joseph Tyszka

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Elizabeth Elkins

These short stories are 1st place winners from 2 affiliates:

Lancelot Du Lac -- by Henry Joseph Tyszka, First Place Winner Friends of Polish Art (Detroit, MI)
Estelle-Wachtel Torres, MD Literary Competition read the story

Jewish Krakow -- by Elizabeth Elkins, Polish Heritage Society of Rochester NY, winner -- read the story


History: The Literary Competition was established in 1995 by Estelle Wachtel-Torres MD in memory of her father, Stanley Zenon Wachtel. ( read his complete biography ) Mr. Wachtel was a pioneer of Chicago's Polish Theatre. In Detroit, he became the long-time producer of the Polish Language Radio Program on WJLB, WEXL and WNBC. Plus, he was a lead writer as well as an announcer on Polish radio. Gertrude Wachtel, his spouse, was also active in the theatre and looked after the finances of the programs.

Purpose: The Literary Competition was originally established to foster the endeavors of Polish American Youth in the fields of journalism and/or literature. However, the participating affiliate may determine the age limit in the rules of their own literary competition. The American Council for Polish Culture will match the first prize awards up to $250.00 per affiliate on an annual basis.

Criteria: For a matching award, the affiliate must notify the current Literary Competition Chair (listed in the ACPC directory) with the following criteria.

    1. A notification of the date of the competition.
    2. Rules of its competition.
    3. The size of the award.
    4. The winner's name and any other requested data must be forwarded after the judging.
    5. Forward a copy of the winning entry plus a photo of the 1st place recipient to the Literary Competition Chair via an e-mail attachment to:
      Carolyn L. Meleski