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Photo: Dr. Andrzej Pronczuk and Jo Louise Winters during the Boson exhibit.

In the Works: A New Traveling Poster Show

The Poster Project originated with an idea by President Deborah Majka to have Polish posters exhibited at the 1996 ACPC Convention in Minneapolis, MN. Posters were selected from collections belonging to Iga Majewska-Trzcinski and Peter Obst these were framed and crates built for long distance shipping. Since then the ACPC has been loaning this Poster Exhibit of 16 framed posters to member organizations and to interested outside groups.

It has been seen at the Press Club in Washington DC, at a country club in Hartford CT, in Youngstown OH, at Indiana University in Bloomington. It spent nearly a year in Boston where it was displayed at 3 different locations by Dr. Andrzej Pronczuk. For a month, 14 were on show in a Barnes and Noble Store in Fairless Hills, PA. Just recently 8 posters from the collection went to an "International Day" at a primary school in Washington. Over 600 persons attended the event.

This year the Poster Committee hopes to replace this popular exhibit with a brand new one consisting of 24 framed CYRK posters. Eight fine posters have been allocated to the project so far. If anyone would like to loan or donate posters to this exhibit please contact: Peter Obst (

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