ACPC Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee has completed its assignment, a short DVD film promoting the ACPC. The film was shown during the 2009 Convention in Hartford, CT. A copy will be sent to every member group and to prospective new member groups.

The American Council for Polish Culture Promotional DVD
Total running time 10 min. 10 sec.

Play Film (on YouTube) [Arrow Picture]

A summary of the history of the American Council for Polish Culture (originally the American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs). It mentions some of the council's major accomplishments: plaques, monuments and observances in recognition of Polish and Polish-American achievement and historical events; educational programs such as the Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. and the Adam Styka Art Exhibit and Competition; the creation of the Cultural Center in Washington, DC, and a comprehensive scholarship program. It is richly illustrated with film clips and still photographs from various events organized by the American Council for Polish Culture, its affiliates and supporting organizations.

Writer: Mary Lubienski Flanagan
Director, Producer, Editor: Matt (Maciej) Witkowski
Narrator: Matt Witkowski
Post Production: Henneger Media Services

Contributing data/film: Anna and Maria Chrypinski, Robert Flanagan, Mary Heslin, Camille Kopielski, Gordon Kray, Anna Mae Maglaty, Deborah Majka, Fr. Canon Philip Majaka, Mala Polska Productions, Peter J. Obst, Blanka Rosenstiel, Richard and Bernadette Wiermanski, JoLouise and Marion Winters, Walter Zacharasiewicz.

Interested parties may contact:
Anna Mae Maglaty, ACPC Membership Chair, 35 Fernridge Road, West Hartford, CT 06107
e-mail: Anna Mae Maglaty

Please continue to check this page for more information.

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