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Applications are now open for 2024

The Pulaski Scholarships for Advanced Studies Program, which was initially endowed by the Conrad R. Walas family, is administered solely by the American Council for Polish Culture.

Amount of award: $5,000 (Subject to change)

Deadline for application: March 16, 2024

Wiew past awardees: [gap] Year-2013 [gap] Year-2014 [gap] Year-2015 [gap] Year-2016 [gap] Year-2017
[gap] Year-2018 [gap] Year-2019 [gap] Year-2020 [gap] Year-2021 [gap] Year-2022
[gap] Year-2023


A. Applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America and of Polish ancestry

NOTE: If not born in the U.S., submit evidence of U.S. residency or citizenship, e.g., copy of pertinent passport page or provide date and ID number of Naturalization or residency document.

B. Applicant must be a classified graduate student enrolled at an accredited university in the United States and must have completed at least one year of studies at the graduate level.
NOTE: If the Advanced Studies program is fully completed within one year, the applicant must request the university to submit a statement, prepared and signed by the appropriate university official attesting to the fact that the applicant will be awarded the advanced degree on a specified date. The letter is to be sent directly to the Pulaski Scholarship Committee Chairman, Mr. Stephen Medvec.

C. Prior winners of an ACPC Pulaski Scholarship are ineligible.

II. APPLICATION (Completion of an application form is not required)

A. Submit a resume, including:

a) trace your Polish line of descent to the nearest family member(s) to whom you ascribe your Polish ancestry and provide a document to prove the Polish origin;
b) a description of your academic and career goals;
c) a section listing the postgraduate courses in which you are currently enrolled if not shown on your transcript;
d) a brief statement as to what significance a $5,000 scholarship would have for you; and
e) provide a permanent address (so we can contact applicant, if necessary, after applicant has left school).

B. Submit a copy of your most recent official (not downloaded) university transcript.

C. Submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member with whom you are studying or have studied at your current postgraduate level.

D. Research

1. Master's Candidate
Submit a description of your research efforts to date if your Master's program requires the completion of a thesis. If a thesis is not required, submit a copy of an academic project, report or paper on a topic in your major field of study that was submitted recently as part of a course requirement.

2. Doctoral Candidate
Submit an outline or summary of the most current version of your dissertation proposal. Describe the potential value of your research/study. If dissertation is not required, submit a copy of an academic project, report or paper on a topic in your major field of study that was submitted recently as part of a course requirement.

3. All candidates for advanced degrees
Submit a copy of a faculty evaluation of the project, proposal, report or paper referred to in D1 or D2 above. The evaluation may be in the form of a grade given for the work and/or written comments by the evaluator.

E. Submit a description of your extracurricular personal involvement in the mainstream community (on/off campus) or any pertinent work experience. Describe, in particular, any participation in Polish-American activities at school or in the community. Submit a letter of recommendation from a person who is familiar with your participation in the activities/experience described above.

F. Registration Fee: Enclose a check or money order in the amount of $25.00 for "Pulaski Scholarship fee" payable to American Council for Polish Culture. This payment includes membership in the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) for one year and a subscription to the quarterly Polish Heritage. If applicant is already an individual member of the ACPC or a member of an ACPC affiliate organization (see website for listing: member organizations) the required registration fee is $20.00.

Please note that all applicants for the ACPC Pulaski Scholarship for Advanced Studies are invited and encouraged to become involved in the programs of the American Council for Polish Culture and to share their talents and expertise with the Council. The Council and its Affiliate and Supporting Organizations across the United States have been engaged in cultural and educational programs for more than six decades. Association with the American Council for Polish Culture and/or with any of its 34 established affiliate or supporting societies and institutions may prove to be of value in the career development of applicants while the direct participation of Pulaski Scholarship applicants in the cultural and educational programs of the Council and its Affiliate/Supporting groups may further strengthen our mutual missions. For further information about the Council, you are invited to view its website: www.polishcultureacpc.org

NOTE: You may wish to read a letter of advice to applicants with tips to assist you in completing the application - open letter [Arrow Picture]


Qualified applicants must send all of the required documents so that they are postmarked on or before March 16, 2024 (faxes not accepted).
Note: If you send the envelope with tracking do not select the "signature required" option.

Original copies of all materials must be mailed to the Chairman and duplicate copies to the other four ACPC Pulaski Scholarships Committee members:

Mr. Stephen Medvec, Ph.D. Chairman
46201 Delaire Landing Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114-5320

Mrs. Deborah M. Majka, MS
812 Lombard St. #12
Philadelphia PA 19147-1308

Mr. Peter J. Obst, MA
67 Lower Orchard Drive
Levittown, PA 19056-2722

Mrs. Carolyn L. Meleski, MS
10020 Reese Road
Clarkston MI 48348-1856

Patricia Malski, M.Ed. Special Ed.
1421 Ottawa Drive
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Questions concerning the requirements should be directed to Mr. Medvec at e-mail samedvec@comcast.net or tel. (215) 637-1659.

All materials submitted by applicants will become part of the records of the American Council for Polish Culture and will not be returned. Late, incomplete or unsigned applications will not be accepted or returned for correction. The decisions of the ACPC Pulaski Scholarships Committee are final and not subject to review.