Washington, D.C.,  June 19-25, 2005

Remain Faithful to Your Heritage... Keep this Heritage Alive!.... Impart it to the Next Generations!....(Pope John Paul II)

Description: Through a week-long, intensive, "up close" examination of the people and processes involved in national and international government and public service, twenty (20) students are made aware of the inner workings of national government and its agencies. Through the perspectives of current leaders, students are educated in the basics of becoming participants in American civic life at leadership levels, and become acquainted first hand with the people, places, processes, training and possibilities involved in national leadership, public service and related sectors. Special topical foci include: international business, foreign affairs, network journalism, non-profit and special interest sectors, Polish/American and E. Central European relations.

Format: Monday - Saturday 9-5 p.m.;

In the past, the YLC has given participants the opportunity to meet with:

  • Senators and Congressmen
  • Government officials in the Departments of State, Commerce, Treasury, Defense, and in intelligence
  • Nationally known journalists and authors
  • Political scientists in think tanks
  • Officials of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland
  • Prominent figures of Polonia, business and the professions

Requirements: Applicants must be:

  • of Polish descent (through at least one grandparent)
  • high school senior or college/university student in 2005
  • not over 26 years of age.

Acceptance into the leadership conference is based upon recommendation from teachers, organization leaders, or others who are familiar with applicant's achievements and goals. Daily active participation in all events is required.

For more information contact:

Thaddeus or Irena Mirecki, YLC Chairs